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  1. Patrick Dorion (store manager)

    Helps me relax in the evening!

    Keoni CBD Liquid CapsulesKeoni CBD Liquid Capsules

  2. Patricia Johnston

    Easy process and explained well

    Keoni CBD Gummies 1000mgKeoni CBD Gummies 1000mg

  3. Crystal P (store manager)

    This was like eating a gummy candy. But I never noticed any sort of energy help from them at all. I actually had a nap 20 minutes after I had one….

    Keoni Sport Sleep GummiesKeoni Sport Sleep Gummies

  4. Mark Ethier (store manager)

    Moisturizes and isn’t greasy

    Keoni Sport Daily Moisture CreamKeoni Sport Daily Moisture Cream

  5. John (store manager)

    These did work for me in the first week. They taste great and the smell isn’t too bad to handle. I managed to get really good sleep within the first week of having these. However, my sleep went downhill after the second week of having these. I didn’t get good sleep, I can’t sleep through the night even after having these in my system

    Keoni Sport Sleep GummiesKeoni Sport Sleep Gummies