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  1. Abelson K (store manager)

    work instantly but not last long

    Keoni CBD Pain Gel 500mg With OptiMSMKeoni CBD Pain Gel 500mg With OptiMSM

  2. Uba V (store manager)

    truth is, the cream works ok but it’s pricy

    Keoni CBD Hemp Daily CreamKeoni CBD Hemp Daily Cream

  3. Ralph Beer (store manager)

    It made a big difference in my pain, not 100 percent gone but way better! And the fragrance isn’t overwhelming!

    Keoni Sport Pain Gel 1000mg With OptiMSMKeoni Sport Pain Gel 1000mg With OptiMSM

  4. Celia Mohana (store manager)

    great product but delayed shipping

    Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 5000mgKeoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 5000mg

  5. Jennifer

    I only tried them 3 times and all 3 times something went right to my head and I felt high all freakin day. If there’s no thc in them, and what seems to be tons of sugar, am I experiencing a “sugar high?” What I did notice is the taste of cigarettes totally sucked while experiencing this but I can’t eat these things if I have to be in public.

    Keoni CBD Gummies 500mgKeoni CBD Gummies 500mg