Celebrities Who Support CBD & What They Say (Part 3)

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Written March 10, 2022 By Ashley Dunne

Celebrities live very different lives than the rest of us, but even the most famous personalities have lots in common with your average person. Athletes, actors, innovators, performers, and other public figures share similar desires with the rest of the country. Everyone wants to feel good, improve their health, sleep better, and generally live a happy life. So it’s no wonder that celebrities are exploring the world of CBD! 

CBD products such as CBD gummies, capsules, oils, and topicals are proven to relieve pain, support mental health, fight inflammation, and provide many other benefits. That’s why a wide range of celebrities are excited about CBD, and many athletes are turning to CBD sports products. Explore some famous people who take CBD and see what they say about these fantastic products, only at Keoni CBD.



Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a household name for cooking, decorating, and lifestyle advice. However, not everyone knows that Stewart is also a cannabis fan—although this isn’t a surprise when you consider her long friendship with Snoop Dogg. She’s expanding upon her role as the original influencer by advising a Canadian cannabis company.

Why Martha Stewart Loves CBD

Martha is excited about “exploring the effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids as they relate to improving the lives of both humans and animals.”



Willie Nelson

For decades, singer, songwriter, and lifelong pot fan Willie Nelson has been open about his cannabis love. He made the jump from consumer to producer within the past decade by founding his own cannabis brand. As a result, you can find CBD teas, tinctures, balms, and coffees with the Nelson stamp of approval.

Why Willie Nelson Loves CBD

“I’ve bought a lot of pot in my life, and now I’m selling it back,” says Willie about his CBD offerings.



Seth Rogan

No one should be shocked to discover that Seth Rogan uses CBD. The actor made a name for himself in classic stoner movies and isn’t exactly shy about his love of cannabis. However, he’s also an outspoken advocate who’s founded non-profits, raised millions of dollars in research funding, and testified before Congress regarding CBD products.

Why Seth Rogen Loves CBD

Seth Rogan has always been a champion of cannabis and it shows his passion for CBD.



Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski made a name for himself as the former All-Pro tight end for the New England Patriots. Ever since leaving the football world in 2019, he’s turned to CBD to streamline his new life. “Gronk” started working with CBDMEDIC as a spokesperson and an investor. He’s also shown interest in founding his own line of CBD edibles.

Why Rob Gronkowski Loves CBD

Gronk uses CBD to treat chronic pain due to injuries he sustained in the NFL. You can tell he’s a big fan since he’s looking into starting his own CBD brand.



Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell is an outspoken mental health advocate. She’s forthcoming about her struggles with anxiety and depression as a way to reduce stigma and encourage other people to get help. In addition to therapy, diet, and exercise, Bell also uses CBD oil as part of her regular wellness routine.

Why Kristen Bell Loves CBD

Kristen says that CBD is a necessary part of her wellness toolbox. She takes CBD oil every day to promote her mental health.



Montel Williams

TV host Montel Williams started using cannabis for pain and other symptoms after receiving multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in 1999. MS was causing stiffness, difficulty moving, pain, and more. Luckily, cannabis relieved many of these symptoms and let Williams continue with his life. Today, Williams promotes CBD usage as a brand partner. He also owns a personal line of CBD products.

Why Montel Williams Loves CBD

Montel Williams takes a lot of cannabis for a number of conditions and CBD helps provide a balanced and optimal set of effects. 



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