Keoni CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops 1000mg


Our 1000mg Oil Tincture is the first in a line of elite quadruple-digit potency products. It has enough power and then some to take on whatever comes your way. You can experience the titanic power of CBD without the complexities.

By keeping our formula simple and ensuring our ingredients are top-notch, the result is a line of oils that are completely unmatched.

Nothing will outperform our oils or our value because we stick to the roots of relief. When we formulated our line of impressive CBD oil, we had our customers’ interests in mind. We knew some of our clients demand the most out of their CBD, so for them, we offer a new line of quadruple-digit potency oils. With 1000mg of pure CBD, this tincture starts where most companies end!

We are leading the way with our new, highly potent oils. With thousands of milligrams of potency per tincture, these titans are not for the faint at heart. You demand the best, and you should never settle for less. What defines the peak for others is only the beginning with Keoni.

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