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Benefits of CBD Topicals and How They Are Changing Lives

CBD has taken over the beauty and skincare industry. It’s a common ingredient in lotions, salves, creams, and other products.  Manufacturers claim you can use a topical CBD product to treat skin disease, irritation, pain, acne, and more.  I’ve been struggling with acne since adolescence, and back pain in recent years, so I decided to

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: CBD for Period Cramps

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular for their pain-relieving effects. Menstrual cramps are common, with approximately 80% of women experiencing period cramps, and CBD can reduce the pain that usually comes with menstrual cramps. There’s little research on CBD’s effectiveness for period pain relief. Still, some studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can

A Guide to the Best CBD Patches

The cannabis or hemp plant has over 80 chemicals known as cannabinoids. One of these is CBD (cannabidiol), an organic compound most commonly used to treat chronic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep issues. CBD products are popular as they aren’t psychoactive and do not appear to be addictive. One way you

What is CBD Face Cream?

CBD products have recently taken the world by storm and found their way into many people’s lives. The skincare and beauty industry has not been left out, and there’s been a lot of hype about CBD-infused skincare products. You can find CBD in cosmetics products such as face creams, oils, lotions, balms, shampoos, and face

What are CBD Balms?

People have known the benefits of cannabidiol (or CBD) and its products for ages and have used them for various medical purposes.  CBD can come in many forms: CBD oils, edibles like gummies, topicals like CBD cream, CBD balms, and CBD pills. With so many options, picking what will work best for you can be

What are CBD Roll-Ons?

CBD has been around for centuries though it has only recently become popular. It’s highly valued and used for its therapeutic benefits, such as providing pain relief. CBD is well known as an antioxidant, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help with several conditions. They help treat various medical issues like joint pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and

CBD Skincare Benefits That Help Improve Your Skin

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in the treatment of skin conditions. This is because CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidant properties mean that inflammatory skin conditions and many other skin issues can benefit from CBD. Furthermore, CBD oil’s antimicrobial properties may help reduce acne, soothe inflamed, itchy, or dry skin, and successfully treat skin

How CBD Is Revolutionizing The Beauty And Skincare Industries

CBD Skincare

How CBD Is Revolutionizing The Beauty And Skincare Industries You might have seen CBD products promoting health and wellness, but did you know that CBD is also a skincare powerhouse? Plant-based CBD is full of potent moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties that can boost your beauty and skincare routine. Even better, you can use CBD

CBD Topicals 101: Different Ways You Can Apply CBD To Your Skin

CBD Topicals

Written March 10, 2022 By Ashley Dunne Cannabidiol topicals are another popular CBD category. Topical products are anything designed to be applied directly to the skin or hair. Look through your medicine cabinet, bedside table, or makeup bag and see what you find. If it goes on the outside of your body, it’s a topical product.

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